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Born and raised in Greytown, Wairarapa, Joe Isaac is the Owner/Operations Manager of FallProtect. He has been in the scaffolding and rigging construction industry since 2000 and has 12 years experience as an Advanced Scaffolder and is a FASET Certified Safety Net Installer.  For the past decade he has worked in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom but has now returned to New Zealand to offer quality scaffolding and netting services to the Wairarapa. Throughout his many years of experience and numerous roles in the industry, he has learnt that the right training and education plus top equipment and knowledge is of the utmost importance in getting a job done safely and successfully.

Joe is a FASET trained and certified Safety Net Installer. Activities on past jobs such as the driving of cranes, erecting steel structures, working on oil rigs, using EWP machines and working at heights with scaffold and safety nets, have all contributed to Joe becoming a Safety Net Installer as well as an Advanced Scaffolder and Rigger.

FASET http://www.faset.org.uk/index.htm is the biggest trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and fall arrest industry worldwide.


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